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Our company is based in Wuxi city, Jiangsu Province, China. We specialize in manufacturing Machinable Glass Ceramic(MGC). Our company was established in 2003,

With Machinable Glass Ceramic (MGC), fabrication is fast - because it can be machined into complicated shapes and precision parts with ordinary metal working tools, quickly and inexpensively, and it requires no post firing after machining. That means no frustrating delays, no expensive hardware, no post fabrication shrinkage, and no costly diamond tools to meet specifications.

If you need the performance of a technical ceramic - (high use temperature, electrical resistivity, zero porosity) - and your application demands the ready fabrication of a complicated shape - (quickly, precisely, privately), look at us -- Wuxi creative ceramic Co., LTD.  We will lower your costs and substantially reduce the time between design and actual use.

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